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Volcano Winery Location


The winery tasting room, vineyards and tea garden are located at 4000 ft on the windward, east side, of Hawai’i Island adjacent to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

 A 45 minute drive from Hilo, on the South East slope of Mauna Loa, the winery lies in the Keauhou ili (a small area of land) within the Ahupua’a (mountain to sea land division)  of Kapapala,  in the Ka’u Moku (district).


Historical Land Use


Ancient Hawaiians visited the Keauhou ili to retrieve canoe logs, gather feathers to use in feather capes for high ranking Ali’I and to worship Pele.

Because of its close proximity to Kilauea caldera, Keauhou was traditionally an area of significant cultural value. The area is part of the traditions that involve the foundations of Hawaiian creation.


After the Great Mahele land division of 1843 foreigners acquired land and began western agricultural businesses in the area. By 1860 ranching began to gain momentum and was the main land use in the area.  Although ranching still occurs in the surrounding area the 64-acre winery parcel became available in 1985 and original owner Doc McKinney started Volcano Winery in 1986.